The original plan was to visit the Newark Auto Jumble today in the Banger Does Britain Rover 620 but the DVLA office in Lincoln being resolutely shut on Saturdays scuppered that idea. The knock on effect is that post showing you all around my £500 purchase as well as details of how it feels on the road will have to wait a few more days.

Maybe my mood was a little numbed by the disappointment but the jumble itself seemed a little lacklustre today too. I know I’ve lamented before how eBay’s made it a bit of a hassle selling brochures and the like there, but the forecast of heavy showers before lunchtime ensured that not many classic cars saw the light of day today. I suspect too there was another event somewhere else in the Lincoln area as I passed various oldies on my way to Newark, including a pair of Triumph Stags and a 1930s era Rolls-Royce.

Anyway, thought I’d share my personal highlights from the selection of cars that were on display.

So, I’ll be back at Newark on 17 July for the next Auto Jumble there, ensuring the Banger Does Britain Rover is there, complete with vinyl stickers mentioning the event. Look out for it if you’re going and say hello.