This page is dedicated to contact and photographs supplied by people who spotted the Red Rocket on it’s Banger Does Britain expedition on 27 July 2011. New posts get added to the bottom.

If you’ve been following the Banger Does Britain series you’ll know I made a few requests for photos of the Red Rocket if you saw it out and about on its travels. Today (4 August), the first such email arrived, courtesy of Euan Hendrie. Here’s what he had to say:

Hello Keith

Meant to send you this earlier – a picture of you and your co-driver fast asleep in the Lizard car park ahead of your epic “banger” mission, as taken by my girlfriend, Kat.  We were parked next to you at one point and saw the web address on the car – I figured I’d look up your website, find out what you were up to and send you it on.

On reading your piece I noted with interest the following sentence…

“Although we parked up… sleep itself was a distant friend, visiting briefly for spells of a few minutes at a time.”

It seems we caught you in one of those spells of a few minutes, though you looked pretty out for the count to us…

Anyway – really enjoyed your article – great idea for a challenge and congratulations on making it in under 24 hours!



Thanks to Euan and Kat for totally blowing my lack of sleep story out of the water…

***** —– ***** —– ***** —– ***** —– *****

Today (8 August), Katie York emailed me with a couple of photos of the Red Rocket on the Corran Ferry. You’ll recall from the Banger Did Britain write up, I mentioned about the ‘Prius family’ – well, Katie was in that Prius. Here’s what she said:


We were driving to Ardnamurchan Point at the same time as you, saw you on the way up and down. Noticed the website and looked up what you were doing on my phone. Then we were on the ferry with you – I was with my parents (Phil and Debbie), sister (Rebecca) and boyfriend (Niall Doyle). Niall is the one in the photo and my dad spoke to you.

I’ve just read what you wrote about us, sorry we slowed you down haha (Niall says, ‘but that’s a Prius for you’ because he hates them). Once we read what you were trying to do, my dad did try to slow down and let you past.

We’ve mentioned seeing you to some of our friends/family and told them what you did, but none of them believe it, they think it’s really impressive.

I did check at around midnight that night to make sure you’d done it, and with time to spare – nice! Congratulations on making it!


If you too have photos or even just a quick description of where you saw is, then email me at and I’ll add them onto this page.