After a few months of umming and aahing, together with various suggestions to have a page to publicise the various online offerings on here, I’ve decided to go live with’s page on Facebook.

I’ve gone the more coroporate route rather than a personal style of page, so you can ‘Like’ rather than add the website as a ‘Friend’. Can you have websites as friends really? Maybe that’s a sign that one really does need to get out more.

Anyway, by ‘Liking’ you’ll get news on updates on here, making life all the more convenient and easy. See, I like to help you guys out.

‘Liking’ is very easy – either go to and click the Like button at the top of the page, or click Like on the Facebook sidebar on the right hand side of any of my web pages.

Thanks in advance for ‘Liking’ and for all your continued support, interest, publicising and most importantly reading of what I upload to here. It’s incredibly humbling and encouraging in equal measure and definitely makes it feel totally worthwhile, so thank you.