Now you know the Fast And Frugal challenge and route, all that remains is to announce the drivers.

As this is a two car event and over a 24 hour period, a small team of intrepid (read ‘mentally challenged’) volunteers have stepped up to the mark to take turns at the wheel.

Each has a passion for cars, enjoys driving and is conversant using social media, so click on their names to access their Twitter accounts and follow.

The team comprises of:

Keith Jones – Well, that’s me, obviously. As well as running this site, I’m also a freelance motoring writer, collector (okay hoarder) of tens of thousands of car magazines and sales brochures and have spent the past decade as a secondary school teacher.

Scott Brownlee – After a long and interesting career in the car industry, Scott is now Head of PR and Social Media for Toyota and Lexus in the UK. Passionate about cars and everything Scottish, Scott will be ensuring we don’t run out of Irn-Bru, snowballs and sugar tablet during the journey.

Karl McCartney – Elected as the Member of Parliament for Lincoln in May 2010, Karl splits his time between his constituency and work in the House of Commons. He’s also a passionate car enthusiast with a Mk II Astra GTE in his garage. Yes, with the LCD dashboard too.

Tim Hutton – You’ll already know Tim as a car tweeter and the driving force behind not only Racing+Waiting but also AutoTweetUp, social gatherings for anyone with an interest in the car industry and swanky venues. Tim will be acting as driver and as the head photographer.

The whole team will be available to answer your Tweets and give you their very personal insights into the #FastAndFrugal adventure as it unfolds, so follow them, ask questions and show your support.

Don’t forget you can also like Toyota’s Facebook page and show your Fast And Frugal support that way too.