Such a dazzling coat of many colours... Who ordered the patchwork Renault Laguna?

Such a dazzling coat of many colours… Who ordered the patchwork Renault Laguna?

Yes, it’s the first of April but this multi-coloured Renault Laguna is no seasonal act of Tom Foolery.

You see, this rather fine example of an RXE specification Laguna is no ordinary 90s repomobile, for it wears a coat that wouldn’t look out of place in either a Lloyd Webber musical or in John McCririck’s flamboyant wardrobe.

Every single panel of this 40,000 mile Laguna is painted a different shade of Renault’s then colour palette, ensuring that it’s highly unlikely you’ll lose it in a busy car park.

Unlike Volkswagen’s contemporary Polo Harlequin, this Laguna actually started off as a mild-mannered Monaco Blue example providing comfortable service to its first owner.

When it was traded back in, the supplying dealer decided it deserved a fresh lease of life and the makeover commenced. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would be so proud, dahrling.

It then enjoyed a decade of polishing and pampering as it toured around at car events showing the breadth of Renault’s range of hues until a few months ago it was unleashed into the motor trade and was spotted by Lincoln motor trader John Goulding.

Monaco Blue was soooo 1999 shweedie.

Monaco Blue was soooo 1999 shweedie.

With a sticker price of £1999, John’s hoping the Laguna is snapped up by a Renault fanatic or someone who’s after something more than just a bit unusual.

“It’s a super example,” says John, “with a high specification in a car that’s been really well cared for. It’s just got an unusual paint job.”

If you’re interested in the multi-coloured Renault Laguna visit Gouldings Cars Sales’ website.