I once heard someone say that your favourite James Bond actor is the one who was current when you got into the spy films. If the analogy stretches to include my affection for big Citroëns of the hydropneumatic variety, then the XM is my natural selection.

Having sampled an ID, several flavours of DS, Xantia and XM, but no CXs yet, it’s the angular shape of the 1990 Car of the Year that I most crave. Over the coming weeks I’ll post a feature on my XM experiences, but a quick search of YouTube found the very footage from a two decade old Top Gear (and a youthful Tiff Needell) in which some of the inherent talents are briefly displayed. Brief, but long enough for me to know in my early teens that I had to have one in the future.

Oh, and for me, it’s the debonair, flared and wide lapelled Roger Moore. There’d be sleepless nights all round if I didn’t confirm.