2013 looks set to be a big year. Not just for me personally, following my Guild of Motoring Writers Breakthrough Blogger Award, but for this site too.

This is where you come in.

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The site has been a great shop window for my writing but signs are already emerging that during 2013 I’ll have less time to post as much as I have during the blog’s infancy. During the year there’ll be a little bit of a rebrand, allowing the flavour of the site to continue and feel familiar, but with a brand identity that’s less person-specific than it currently is – more details in due course.

As a result I’m looking to recruit the services of anyone who has a passion for both cars and words. Sadly I can’t offer any financial remuneration for your output but I can offer pretty decent (and constantly growing) online exposure as well as helping you maximise the social media benefits of having your work online.

So, who am I looking for? Well, beyond the specifics of being passionate about all things automotive as well as being able to write in an engaging style, there’re no barriers.

Perhaps you’re taking tentative steps in the world of blogging and want to try your hand at a few guest posts before setting off on your own – that’s how I started with Darren Moss’ site, remember. Or it could be you’re an established writer or blogger who enjoys the site and would like to have some of your wordage within its pages – in 2013 you’ll see the fruits of a forthcoming long drive feature involving Gav Braithwaite-Smith of PetrolBlog and I doing something in a pair of cheap but interesting machines. You may have never written about cars or motoring before and simply fancy trying your hand at something new.

Whatever your reason, I’d like to hear from you, ideally with a bit of background if we’ve not corresponded before, along with a few ideas about what you’re considering writing about. Email me at keithwrjones@gmail.com or catch me on Twitter @keithwrjones.

Looking forward to hearing from you.